Electric Lawnmowers

Predictions For Features Of The Best Electric Lawnmowers For 2018

Technology is advancing at an alarming pace in almost every type of industry. While many people may think that lawnmowers haven’t changed much over the course of the past two decades, that is simply not true. Two decades, ago, for example, cordless electric lawnmowers were almost unheard of because of the limitations of battery technology. Nowadays, as best electric lawnmowers of 2018, there are dozens of different brands of cordless devices, making mowing a lawn much easier, as you don’t have to worry about the cord being too short or there being no mains outlet in the area.

In 2018, many people predict that automatic cordless electric lawnmowers will become much more affordable. Imagine being able to watch your favourite TV show while an AI-powered lawnmower cuts all the grass surrounding your property to perfection. There are a few wireless robotic auto mowers in the marketplace at the moment, but the entry-level price is outside the budget range of the average household. In order to get an accurate, reliable auto mower, you currently need to be prepared to spend over two thousand pounds.

For those not looking for a completely wireless, AI-powered lawnmower, 2018 is likely to see the time between charges on cordless devices increase significantly. This will be a welcome change to many grass cutters who often have to wait for their devices to recharge between cutting the lawn in their back gardens and front gardens. Those with extra-large lawns often have to cut their lawns in sections due to the short battery life of current cordless devices in the marketplace. Some people suggest that the newest lawnmowers will come with two interchangeable batteries as standard so that one battery can be on-charge while the device is in use. There really is a lot to look forward to in 2018 when it comes to the lawnmower marketplace.